Effective June 15th, 2021

This Privacy Policy describes how the services provided by ren7995 (referred to as https://lauren.sh, us, we) use and collect any personal information you supply us with. By using our store, you agree to this Privacy Policy. This policy is subject to change.

"Personal information" is defined as any information which can be used to identify you. This includes age, full name, phone number, and email address. "Device identifiers" is defined as any information which can be used to distinguish any of your devices, such as unique device identifiers (UDIDs) and device software version.

What information we collect

When making a purchase through PayPal on our store, the following information will be stored on our servers after the purchase is completed:

When using our paid software, the following information is collected and stored:

When visiting our site:

How your information is used

Your information is used to provide functionality to essential services, such as the payments API and licensing system used by our paid products available on https://lauren.sh. It is also used to protect us from attacks. In the event that your devices or your IP address is found to be abusing or services, you may be blocked for an indefinite amount of time

How your information is shared

Your information is never shared with anyone not affiliated with https://lauren.sh under any condition unless it is legally required

How long your information is stored

Server logs for our services are kept for 30 days. Purchase references and transaction IDs are kept forever.